Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to Startup PH Training's First Online Course!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we dive into the lesson. Help me practice what I preach and get to know you a bit better

  • 2

    Why Customers First Matter

    • Stop Building! Begin by Understanding

    • How to Gain Empathy for Our Customers

    • Introducing the Customer Persona

  • 3

    Preparing for the Interview

    • Step 1: Set Your Interview Objectives and Agenda

    • Step 2: Prepare your Introduction

    • Good and Bad Questions

    • Quiz: Determine if the following questions are good or bad

    • Step 3: Prepare the Key Questions

    • Note Taking Tips

    • Step 4: Find Your Respondents

    • Step 5: Practice, Iterate, Go!

    • Before you go...

Will this course help you?

“I started an online store catering to plus size niche market and sobrang naka help sakin yung sa training na "stop thinking about ur idea and start thinking about customers"
Seryosong i started my business from interviews talaga and it really worked for us. 😊”

Lovely Candy Sagun

Big Boss Bella PH
Founder and SPHT Online Course Taker

“There's a lot of mention about "validating" ideas for startups from various online sources. However, the problem especially for a beginner like me, is that I don't know the how's and what's in order to do proper validation.
The knowledge you bring in your talks is the answer to that.
After the webinar earlier, I was thinking that we probably need to realign things now especially that we're not yet far in building the tech "solution" we have come up initially”

John Francis Olivo

Founder and SPHT Coaching Program Participant

“You will always be part of my startup story, I tell people na I met you prior sa Final Pitch. Continue to be a blessing to others.

Tanda ko pa rin lahat ng mga naturo mo. Thanks Carlo for everything!”

Maria Korina Bertulfo

Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms)
CEO and Founder, Final Pitch Finalist