If you have one of these goals or challenges, then we want to help you.

Startups and innovation are not about apps and tech. They are about solving problems and getting people to pay you for it

  • You have a startup or innovation idea but don't know where to start or how to get past a roadblock

  • You want to make sure that what you build is something people are willing to pay for and will love using

  • You've already built an app, website, or a product but is not or can barely generate revenue

  • You want to keep your initial expenses low and make sure your investment in time and money will provide a return

Will this course help you?

“There's a lot of mention about "validating" ideas for startups from various online sources. However, the problem especially for a beginner like me, is that I don't know the how's and what's in order to do proper validation.

The knowledge you bring in your talks is the answer to that.

After the webinar earlier, I was thinking that we probably need to realign things now especially that we're not yet far in building the tech "solution" we have come up initially”

John Francis Olivo

Founder and SPHT Coaching Program Participant

“I started an online store catering to plus size niche market and sobrang naka help sakin yung sa training na "stop thinking about ur idea and start thinking about customers"
Seryosong i started my business from interviews talaga and it really worked for us. 😊”

Lovely Candy Sagun

Big Boss Bella PH
Founder and SPHT Online Course Taker

“You will always be part of my startup story, I tell people na I met you prior sa Final Pitch. Continue to be a blessing to others.

Tanda ko pa rin lahat ng mga naturo mo. Thanks Carlo for everything!”

Maria Korina Bertulfo

Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms)
CEO and Founder, Final Pitch Finalist

About Carlo and Startup PH Training

How I ended up helping other founders avoid the mistakes I made

I got my start by raising and spending $200,000 in a VC-funded tech startup and barely generated any revenue. I was the CEO-founder for two years and made the same mistakes most of you are about to make. First through coffee, then by running public workshops. I also started doing school events and private workshops like the startup training program by PSIA and DICT, the Ideaspace Program, Smart Sweep (for college students) to name a few.

Soon I found myself doing private corporate innovation training where I taught Design Thinking and Agile to government units and larger corporations such as Phivolcs, Department of Agriculture, Microsoft, PNB, Cebuana, Alveo, and more.

Finally, I've had the opportunity to bring the same highly interactive workshops into higher education by teaching entrepreneurship in Mint (Meridian College), CIIT College of Arts and Technology, and now CIIT Senior High School. I barely did exams but I did give a lot of homework and expected them to find paying customers. And find them they did.

So now I want to share the same learning to more people, practice what I preach, and build my career through digital products and coaching programs.
Me running a validation workshop. This time in the US embassy with QBO

Some of Carlo's corporate clients

DOST Phivolcs

Where Carlo has taught

Meridian College International
DLSU Animo Labs

Words for Carlo

“We see pitches everyday and we feel that most have not validated their idea and have proceeded to create the product and that’s our main issue

Attending Carlo’s workshop prevents founders from just creating products and spending money. It also allows them to be more efficient with their products and ideas. ”

Francis Simisim

Social Light, Blogapalooza and When in Manila
Co-founder, Venture Capitalist and Startup Advocate

“Super important to determine ahead of time whether or not there is a market for your product. So getting input from your target audience, your target customer base on the assumptions that you’ve made is critical. Ultimately they are going to be the customers that will pay you.

If you don’t do it, you end up with a product with no customers.” ”

Alex Alabiso

Sprout Solutions
Chief Technology Officer